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Tyvek DuPont Paper Selections

October 5, 2022


Tyvek® technical materials have resulted in creative pieces and artwork that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. However, not all pieces are created with the same type of Tyvek® material.


Tyvek® brand materials are currently available for printing and design in the following models: (click on the model name to download the data sheet for that model)


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Hard structure options: Tyvek® 1025D, Tyvek® 1056D, Tyvek® 1057D, Tyvek® 1070D, Tyvek® 1073D, Tyvek® 1082D.

Soft structure options: Tyvek® 1443R, Tyvek® 1442R, Tyvek® 1473R, Tyvek® 1460C


The different product types have different grammage textures. They can be roughly divided into two types of structures: "hard" and "soft", with the hard structure having a paper-like texture and the soft structure having a cloth-like texture.


Products beginning with 10 are "hard" structured products, such as Tyvek® 1056D, which is a hard structured product. These products have a paper-like substrate with a smooth surface, good stiffness, no directionality, and good printability.


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Products starting with 14 are "soft" structured products, for example, Tyvek® 1443R is a soft structured product. Soft structured products are soft cloth-like materials with a raised surface pattern and tear resistance. Like Type 10, Type 14 has high opacity, good surface stability, and can be sewn, bonded, or even ultrasonically bonded.



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Tyvek® soft structured materials are ideal for many applications such as fashion jackets, sheaths/coverings, costumes, theater sets, children's play tents, tablecloths, sun blockers, decorative materials, museum and artwork packaging, etc. Soft structured products are more suitable for applications where both barrier and breathability are required.


DuPont™ Tyvek® brand materials not only combine the combined material properties of paper, cloth and film, but are also compatible with a wide range of traditional printing technologies and most digital printing technologies, such as offset, letterpress, flexographic, gravure, screen, digital (Indigo), UV inkjet and Latex printing; easy processing, such as coating, laminating, embossing, foil stamping, die-cutting, perforating, gluing, sewing, etc. gluing, sewing, etc.